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Strut Cards

Strut cards are a fantastic marketing tool when done correctly – there not overly expensive and create a lot of product and brand awareness when placed in the correct area. The perfect marketing tool if you’re looking for something small to make a big impact.

Grab Attention

The purpose of a strut card is grab potential customers attention is doesn’t need much information just something short and snappy but use bold or bright colours that will grab attention in a very positive way and so that the potential customer knows exactly what it is you are offering

Size & Shape

When getting your strut card designed thing about where you are going to place them. If it’s going to be placed on a table or in a window its best to get a triangle or boxed shape strut card as the information can be seen from all angles by the potential customer.



You don’t want to use bright almost illuminous colours that will turn people off but as this is small it has to grab people’s attention so it would be important to use bright or bold colours but at the same time something that symbolises the product or service that it is you are offering.


Strut cards are generally small and this means that the text don them will be small so in order for potential customers to see what it is you are offering you must keep the wording down but at the same time uses snappy short sentences that will explain exactly what it is you offer.

Call to Action

An important element to add to any strut card is a call to action – when using a tool that can only have a small amount of information it is important to add an element that you’re potential can get more information from such as a QR code or a free text number.