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Soft Seating & Office Pods


Office Pods and breakout areas are quickly becoming one of the most important parts of the modern open plan office. Many open office spaces don't have built in meeting areas or collaboration areas and the breakout area has become the contemporary meeting area for both casual and formal meetups. Codex Office Interiors supplies a huge range of large or small office pods and soft seating for offices - call us today for a free quote and let us guide you every step of the way.

Office Pods & Soft Seating:


Range of Internal Office Pods


Soft Seating for Staff Rooms & Waiting Areas


Ideal For Casual or Formal Meetings


Customisable Upholstery


Plugs, Ports & Other Additional Features Available


Fun, Contemporary Designs


Experienced Office Interior Design Team


Customisable Office Pods & Soft Seating

Contact us today and let us install the right breakout area to suit your office space. With over 30 years experience in the office interiors industry, you can be sure you have come to the right people for the job.


Office Pods

Office pods have become an important element to many open plan offices as both a meeting area and an area for consultation. This is a feature that has become more and more popular in many companies such as banks.

Breakout Areas

Breakout areas create an area within an open plan office that is suitable for meetings and collaborations among staff members. A breakout area is seen as an area that is casual yet appropriate for meetings.


Benches can be used for both indoor and outdoor areas. If adding an extra outdoor area to your existing or new bistro, these are ideal as they can be stored away and treated during the winter months.

Beam Seating

Beam seating is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use in the office. They can have anything from two to five seats and are mainly used in waiting rooms. The seats can be bolted into the ground or left free standing.

Laboratory Seating

Durable and clean, laboratory seating is perfect if you need to wash seating down on a regular basis. We have a range of adjustable lab seating – perfect for pharmaceutical and other lab environments.

For Indoor & Outdoor Use

We offer a large selection of indoor and outdoor seating Outdoor furniture is ideal for the warmer summer months giving members of staff the opportunity to spend a relaxing break outside.




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Office Interiors - Soft SeatingLaboratory & Clean Room Seating

Codex Office interiors offers a huge range of high quality office chairs. With over 35 years experience in the Irish market, we have managed everything from large corporate fit outs to bespoke units. Call us today.

If its laboratory seating you’re looking for we have a complete range of clean room seating and benching. Our unique ranges of lab and clean room seating are ideal for sterile areas or environments where seats need to be cleaned regularly. With a long history of seating projects in university and professional labs, you can be assured that our furniture will meet the specifications required for your space.


Soft Seating & PodsModern Seating & Soft Chairs

In the modern open plan office environment there is a lot less focus on meeting and collaboration areas. Breakout areas are very important and hugely beneficial, creating an extra meeting area or a quiet place to discuss business with you colleagues. An area to relax or brainstorm, what you do with these areas is really up to you. These areas can be fitted out like a booth, a pod and can even be partitioned off with glass and higher seating allowing for a more confined private space.

These are seen as an innovative way of holding quick meetings amongst staff and as great areas of collaboration between numbers of employees. Many large tech companies adopted this style for the office and due to its convenient nature it has caught on with many other companies. Another great aspect of these areas is the fact that meetings can be held, allowing for a quiet area other than a busy restaurant or canteen, where the noise can be a little too much at the best of times.

In keeping with the theme of the office environment and the style of the office it is possible to design your area in your corporate colours, each area with a different colour or design, so to make each breakout area standout from the other. With a wealth of experience in office interiors and fit outs, our interior design team will help you create the best space for your office. These areas are seen as a casual meeting place to discuss business, creating a casual vibe to help people feel at ease when conducting these meetings. At Codex we see the benefit in office pods and will help you to create a space that benefit your office in more ways than one.