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Promotional Materials


Promotional materials can be a cost effective way get your brand seen by a large audience - whether it's a pen or a cup or a or a t-shirt or a hat Codex Print Solutions will advise you on the best items to suit what you are trying to achieve through this form of marketing.

Promotional Products:


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Branded Merchandise

Branded Merchandise are a useful marketing tool for any business. With so many items to choose from its really a matter of preference to what you think best suits your brand and what will get the most exposure.


Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are useful marketing tools for spreading brand awareness. They can be used as prizes or giveaways that are given to loyal and regular customers. There is many different types and products and materials that can be utilised as promotional materials all having their own advantage.

Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are probably the most commonly used promotional material for a number a reasons but the main being that they can range in value from cheaper ballpoint pens that are given out at tradeshows or expos to more expensive refillable pens that are presented to loyal customers.

Promotional Stationery

Promotional stationery is useful and can be an array of items from post-it’s to paperweights and everything in between. This is another commonly used item because of its affordability and because there is so many different types of products that can be utilised.


Promotional Clothing

This can be a t-shirt to a hat to a jacket but all equally as effective. It’s a great way to get your brand out to a wider market as it is been seen by many people that may not have regular if any exposure to your product so it’s important to make your brand recognisable.

Promotional Coffee Mugs

Promotional mugs have always been popular but in recent years many companies have opted for travel mugs. This is another very functional product that is mainly used during busy commutes. Another great way to get brand exposure that you may not normally get with a much wider audience.

Promotional Umbrellas

There is many different types of umbrellas available but many opt for the larger golf umbrella. This as with many other products is a very simple way to gain large exposure with minimum effort. Just remember to keep your logo clear and your brand will be instantly recognisable.





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Promotional Materials

Promotional materials can come in all shapes and sizes depending on what it is you want to us as your promotional item. Pens, mugs, USB drives and t-shirts are among the most commonly used promotional items these days and they could also be seen as the most effective items to be used as promotional tools as they can be used as relevant items in day to day life.

Print Solutions - Promotional Materials

These promotional marketing products can be seen as an indispensable way to market your company, product or service. It is however safe to say that not all promotional items are of equal value to how you wish to promote your company as you should think how the recipient of these items can use them on a regular basis and have your brand on their mind as they use them. When getting your promotional items from Codex you should bear in mind what you think your potential client or customer will use most and not disregard into the bin at some stage at some stage after receiving it. There is very few advertising or promotional items that can be seen as more useful than a pen, mug or USB drive with your company’s logo on them.

These are all items that can and will be used on regular basis and each time your customer uses them they are reminded of your brand or service. The same can be said for things such as t-shirts or hats. Your client or customer may not wear things like this all the time however they might just use them for exercising or sleeping in and this too is effective as it reminds the customer of your product or service at times you may not have thought you’d be able to reach them at.

Marketing With Promotional Products

Product BrandingWith many of these items it can provide you with an opportunity to have your logo noticed on a regular basis and it may get plenty of exposure to people that may not have recognised your brand beforehand. This is seen as a very acceptable way to get your brand identity out to there to potential customers and the smarter you are with the products you decide to use the more beneficial this type of marketing can be. For example pens can be passed around the office or among friends and each time the pen is handed over someone new sees your message on the item.

Another important element of these promotional items is that you can make them as expensive or inexpensive as you wish. If you are choosing pens you can choose a cheaper ballpoint pen or alternatively a more elegant option that can be refilled and re-used as much as possible. The same applies to USB keys you can choose how much storage it will have or if choosing a mug you can have a regular porcelain mug or a travel mug that will get seen by many people during a commute it’s really up to you.

Contact us today at Codex to make use of one of the most cost effective ways to market your brand. Look through our brochure to see what will best suit your brand and contact your Codex representative today to avail of our fast and friendly service.