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Presentation Folders


A presentation folder is a convenient way to supply information packs, give clients quotes in or hand out at tradeshows and conferences. Here at Codex print Solutions we believe that a first impression is a lasting impression and therefore we see a presentation folder as being a first point of contact you may have with a potential client. Our experienced design team are on hand to help you design the folder that will best reflect your company image and help you make that first impression a great first impression.

Presentation Folders


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Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are useful if you have a number of loose or different sized pages to hand out in an information pack that needs to be held together. They are useful for tradeshows, conferences or as a customer pack that requires a good bit of information to be held in the pack.

A4 Presentation Folders

This is the most commonly used size of presentation folder. Most information packs are and information books are A4 size and trhis makes it easier to hold a number of pages. You are not necessarily restricted to this size folder however.

Laminated Presentation Folders

When laminating presentation folders it makes them durable and long lasting. This is a very useful tool for presentation folders as it means it can not be easily torn and will protect the contents of the folder much better.


Die Cutting

This method is used to create a window or shape within the prinited product. It can be useful to give the presentation more dimensions and can look more professional whenb it’s a well thought out design.


Embossing is another method that is used that can make your folder look classy and professional. This method uses less ink and a heated plate is used to create the lettering and logo’s on the desired areas of the folder making them stand out or sink in.

Varnished Folders

Varnishing is another technique that can make your folder look classy and extremely professional. This is a method that involves having different textures almost a wet look texture on certain elements of the printed material making these elements stand out.




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Presentation Folder Printing

If you’re looking to get presentation folders for your company the temptation can be to ring your stationery supplier and get cheap, plain folders. This however can be a bad idea because if you get printed folders with your company colours and logo it will look so much more elegant and professional whatever you may need the presentation folders for.

 In your working life through going to meetings, conferences, tradeshows and receiving company information you have probably received hundreds of plain presentation folders with documents and information but do you remember who gave you these folders? Probably not that’s because they were just plain forgettable folders. If you want to have something that you can present to customers or clients and be proud of their elegant professional look follow these tips:



Presentation Folder Design

Before you go and get your presentation folders printed you really have to think about design, style and size of the folders. It’s not that long ago that you didn’t have many options for this if you were getting your presentation folders customised it was probably just an A4 folder with your company logo now though you can choose anything from the size of it to colours to even the shape you desire. If your folder is a little bit different it will stand out from the rest and your customers or clients will remember you because of this. Here at Codex Print Solutions our team of award winning designs are here to help you with this every step of the way taking into account all your concerns and queries.


Full Customisation:

Another thing to consider is what exactly these folders will actually be used for and customise them to your exact needs. This is very important that you plan ahead so that you know exactly what you’re need the presentation folders for.

A presentation folder is not just for putting documents in and handing it to someone you can customise pockets and sections to fit in different elements like if using it as an information pack. You might need to include thick booklets or brochures, CD’s or DVD’s, pens or even other pieces of office stationery so you would need a separate customisable element for each of these separate pieces of information.

When presenting someone with a folder that is completely customised it makes your business look very good potential clients will see your company as one that thinks ahead and factors in every possible scenario. Here at Codex we believe in first impressions as being lasting impressions and this is a great first impression to have stick in a potential clients mind.



When you have done the hard sell and drawn your new client in with a remarkably designed presentation folder it’s important that they can contact you with ease. The only way this is possible is if they you clearly layout your contact information both on the front and back of the folder giving them all the important contact information and having your company logo displayed clearly on both sides of the folder.

The Printing Process:

As soon as you think you have all the basic details and ideas and layout, style and design you should then contact Codex. We have highly skilled and creative designers on hand to help you make your presentation folders work.

If you're having problem selecting a printing company to deal with printing presentation folders for you, simply look online. There are lots of great business out there. Simply be sure to get references and samples, prior to you pick one.

Codex will take over from here and consult you every step of the way from the initial concept on mock-ups to showing you examples before it goes to print. With over 30 years’ experience you can relax in the knowledge that you have chosen the right company.

Presentation Folders


Today the presentation folders are used to give a touch of elegance when a company presents a quotation or proposal. For that reason it is thought that quality presentation folders can improve a business's image and enhance the response rates by its customer.

Presentation Folder Uses 

Almost each and every single workplace makes use of folders in some form or another. Folders come in numerous shapes and sizes. Among the most typical kind of folders found in an office are A4 presentation folders. They are used to keep the A4 and other smaller sized documents in them. Usually the A4 folder printing is done by digital printers so the quality of the folder is good and can keep documents safe for a longer period of time. Nearly all the documents used in a workplace are of A4 size. When these files are to be presented to a customer or client, these folders are used.


It is understood that every company has some information which needs to be passed on to the client. The details are normally delivered in the presentation folders. However these folders are not just folders for presentation purposes; they are used for promotions too. Complete colour presentation folders are ideal advertising tools which can quickly improve and boost any company’s business image.


Around the globe, this folder is considered as the most stylish way to present documents. In fact it is said that a presentation folder is vital for any company to make its image more professional and stylish in the market. Nowadays presentation folders are also being made use of to give a touch of class for a company's quotes and business proposals. Therefore it is thought that quality presentation folders can boost a business's image and increase the response rates by consumers. They can help you to develop a premium business look and show that you focus on detail. They are quite helpful in bring in prospective new consumers. As we all know that first impressions are lasting.


Companies also need these folders to present info to customers. Companies try to find an easy and cheap way to arrange office files such as business agreements, bank statements, bills, product literature, contracts, invoices, business info sheets and discussions. For these functions, the business presentation folders are used. They are also made use of for the promotion and advertising of items.


The presentation and pocket folders need to be well designed so that they leave an impression on the client. This is why a lot of effort is put into designing a presentation folder. The folder does not need to be remarkable brilliant or too snazzy. It needs to be elegant and formal. To save expenses, cheap printing techniques are preferred. Similarly, digital printers are used to preserve quality printing.