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Office storage can often be a major chore but at Codex Office Interiors we have the solution to any problem from filing cabinets to office pedestals. We have an extensive range of interior wood and steel storage, double door cupboards and tambour units that can all be modified to suit your needs.

Office Storage Solutions:


Contemporary Desks & Computer Workstations


Customisable Colours & Frames To Match Interior


Durable & Long Lasting Wood and Metal Frames


Fitted & Installed By Our Experienced Office Fit Out Team


Large Portfolio Of Desks & Workstations


Professional Consultation From Our Interior Design Team


Experienced Customer Service Team


Large Collection of Office Desks & Desking Systems

With the ever changing times, the modern office is changing with it. Workspaces are becoming more compact and design focused to fit in with the contemporary office. Get in touch to discuss our large portfolio of desks today.


Wooden & Steel Storage Units

We have a large selection of wooden and steel office storage units to suit any office environment. Customisable to fit into any office to avoid cluster and creating a much neater look to the office.

Tambour Storage Units

With the long rolling door, tambour units are ideal to store larger documents and files that would usually be placed on a book shelf but need that extra bit of security that the locking door on a tambour unit has.

Fire Proof Storage Units

Fire safety is such an important element to any office or business with many companies following fire regulations to the letter of the law. With this comes the fire proofing of all areas.


Two, three or four drawer pedestals at desk height. The perfect unit for the office desk, ideal for keeping documents and other clutter that can build up easily – a tidy work area is a productive work area.

Filing Cabinets

Our filing cabinets are cheap, practical and great space-saving solutions for filing all those important documents. From wooden filing cabinets to metal filing cabinets, we've got the right filing cabinet for you.

Colour Options

Customise your metal units to fit in with the look and feel of your office. Customise all of the storage units or simply choose to customise certain parts such as the door or carcass to the match the rest of the office.



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Office Storage Solutions

Office Storage Solutions

Here at Codex, we see office storage as one of the most important elements of any office. We believe that the office should be free of clutter and have proper storage systems in place at all times. After all, a tidy and organised office is a much more productive office for all staff! The only things you need on your desk at any time are items associated with the task or project you are currently working on. For everything else, it is best to store it securely. You can do so with our range of office storage cabinets, filing cabinets, office organizers, office storage bins, office storage lockers, bookcases, tambour units, pedestals and more!

We offer a wide range office storage solutions including wood finishes to match desks and other interiors to colour options in our steel ranges.  Your storage can be colour coded, allowing for an easy to follow storage system for all staff members. Lockers for storage of personal items in the staff room and safety cabinets designed for flammable or toxic liquids are also available, in a choice of coloured door or carcass options. We also provide a full range of filing cabinets in assorted colours to match any office colour pallet.

We also offer everything from open bookcases to closed cupboards. These units range in heights from desk high pedestals and bookcases to two metre high cupboards, tambour units and filing cabinets. Create room dividers with strategically placed storage units an easy way to section off an open plan office. Available in wood finishes, laminate and veneers to match all desk ranges. Desk pedestals (mobile and desk high), lockable with handles, come with two, three and four drawer options - giving the user enough storage space to keep their desk clear at all times.

Let us advise you on what will best suit your office space to get rid of any unwanted clutter. We have a highly experienced team with over 35 years experience and a fast in-house delivery service, meaning you can be assured of a premium customer experience at all times.


Huge Savings on Office Storage

Here at Codex we offer only the best in office storage systems and have a huge selection for you to choose from. Add security, style and a professional look to your workspace at a great price.

Here are some of the types of office storage we provide:

- Filing Cabinets
- Tambour Units
- Office Pedestals
- Office Cupboards
- Printer Stands
- Bookcases
- Office Lockers
- Storage Units

Adequate and secure office storage is a must around the office. At Codex we offer a wide range of high quality yet affordable bookcases, office shelving and cupboards of every shape and size. If security is your concern then we have a great range of safes, filing cabinets and lockers to store all your important files and documents.

We understand the importance of sticking to a budget. At Codex, we offer massive savings against the RRP - so, for your office storage needs look no further than us for great prices so you can stay within budget. Let Codex help you create the best possible office storage system - contact us today for a free quote.