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The right office ceiling can greatly enhance the office environment that is why the Codex Office Interiors team are on hand to advise on the best ceiling to suit your office space. Each office ceiling is custom built to suit the space it is being installed.

Our Office Ceilings Service Includes:

  •   Fire protected materials
  •   Easy instillation
  •   Light reflective & humidity resistant materials
  •   Full consultation process with advice including achieving the perfect office acoustics
  •   Experienced installation team
  •   Friendly after care service

Office Ceilings & Suspended Ceilings

Careful consideration is put into the materials we source for ceilings so as to keep in line with our strict environmental policies that we work to maintain under any circumstance.


Custom Built Ceilings

Each ceiling is custom built to the exact specification of the office or building it is being installed into. Our experienced office fit out team will be on site fitting all elements of the ceiling ensuring everything is to the highest quality and standard.

Quality Suspended Ceilings

At Codex we have a large range of ceiling types available to our clients we offer some of the highest standard customised ceilings in Ireland designed and constructed by our team of highly experienced office interior designers and fitters.


When getting a new ceiling fitted it is important that it's completely durable and long lasting. The Codex team will consult on the product that best suits your budget and will ensure that it is the exact specifications required for your office.



Different parts of your office may require alternative ceilings to work with the acoustics of that area. A meeting room requires a different ceiling to that of open office areas because sound needs to travel at a shorter length to be heared.  

Fire Protection

Fire safet should be one of the first thing to be considered with any new ceiling being installed in an office or building. The materials we use is 100% fire safe to allow for the safety of staff and the rest of the occupants of the building.

Full Consultation Service

The Codex Office Interiors offer a full consultation service throughout the duration of every job we take on. This reflects the high standards we live up to ensure that no job goes over budget without the full authority of our customers.



Office Interiors - CeilingsOffice Ceilings & Suspended Ceilings

At Codex we design and construct office ceilings and suspending ceiling systems to suit all types of buildings and offices regardless of the complexity. We fit from simple modular grid designs to a range of sophisticated, purpose built, high performance suspended ceilings.
Our vastly experienced team of designers and fitters will help you to choose the ceiling that best suits your office space and it will be constructed and installed by our team of skilled and experienced workers.
Having the right office ceiling can vastly improve the office environment. We can fit office ceilings with different acoustic qualities to suit what your work space requires- a meeting room requires different acoustics to that of an open planned office space. Here at Axis we cater for your business individual needs, our expert team will recommend what ceiling is best for your work space and help develop the perfect working environment.
Large open planned offices require a office ceiling that drowns our noise helping create a more ambient feeling that can be difficult to achieve otherwise in a larger office space. This is useful as for the majority of workers noise can be a nuisance affecting their concentration and ability to work.
A meeting room or breakout area are different with being much quieter areas and therefore require lower office ceilings that will help carry individuals vocals for meetings as to ensure that when mics and speaker are needed they are heard effectively. This is particularly useful for presentations when a colleague or client is sharing important detail regarding a new project or reviewing monthly reports.

Considerations When Choosing A CeilingCeilings

When trying to choose the right ceiling for your office space there are a number of issues to consider so that you have the ceiling that fits all of your needs:

  • Fire protection
  • Acoustics  
  • Light reflectance  
  • Humidity resistance
  • Soil resistance and ability to clean
  • Anti-microbial performance
  • Air quality
  • Durability
  • Accessibility and maintenance
  • Design and finishing
  • Ease of installation  
  • Cost

Fire protection is a essential aspect for your new office ceiling. It is very hard to find a new ceiling that is not fire protected in recent years due to the fact that new stricter health and safety regulation has been developed for the work place. Numerous companies in recent years have found themselves in trouble for not abiding these new regulations. In some cases the presence of an unsafe office ceiling has resulted in businesses temporarily closing to resolve the issue and having lost earnings in the process alongside having to pay for the roof. With access to a vast range of modern components, we are confident as suspended ceiling contractors that we can provide the perfect office ceiling solution to meet your performance specification and budget at a time that suits you and the experienced Codex Interiors staff will help you pick the best ceilings while also staying well within a strict budget.