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Meeting Room Furniture

Meeting Room Furniture


At Codex Office Interiors we see the meeting room as one of the most important parts of any office, whether it's trying to get a deal with a new client or the board deciding on some important business decisions. Let Codex provide you with meeting room furniture to make the meeting room the area that may have the most effect on your business.

Our Meeting Room Furniture Fitting Service:


Care & Attention To Each Detail


Carefully Thought Out Design


Design Will Reflect Companies Approach To Business


Keep Within Budget


Experienced Installation Team


Care & Attention To Locally Sourcing Products & Materials


Excellent Customer Service & After Care Team


Large Collection Of Meeting Room Furniture

Contact us today to see what we can offer when it comes to your board room and meeting room furniture needs. With over 30 years experience behind us you can rest assured that you have come to the right people to design your new meeting/board room area. 

Meeting Room Fit Outs

The meeting room is where you bring your clients to present or pitch ideas and is important space for where you can sign contracts and conduct important meetings and therfore requires to be a professional, stylish yet comfortable environment.

Meeting Room Furniture

With a large collection of furniture available for board rooms the Codex team is always on hand to help you choose the furniture that will best reflect what you are trying to convey in your meeting room. Keeping a budget in mind at all times.

Meeting Room Desks

The table is the focal part of a meeting room being where everyone sits at to discuss important business. At Codex we see the importance of a quality boardroom table for your business and will consult you on everystep from design to instilation. 


Meeting Room Chairs

It is easy to become restless when in a long meeting. To help prevent this at Codex we supply comfortable chairs that provide back support to ensure all staff members can sit comfortably and concentrate throughout their important meetings. 

Meeting Room Storage

This should be discreet and fit in with the meeting room’s image. Small cabinets and shelving that are not full of clutter is the key here. Your meeting room should always look tidy as if not this can put potential customers off when they enter.

Additional Features

Projector controls, electrical ports and data ports are just some of the features required for your table. Our team of interior designers are on hand to assist you and make sure that you don’t overlook anything that could prove costly if missed.

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 Meeting Room FurnitureMeeting & Boardroom Furniture

Your meeting room can be seen as one of the most important spaces in your office as its where you take clients to complete deals and it’s the area where things get done in a busy working environment. It is what unites a business and it is where you will spend important time with clients, so a conference meeting room table should project both your company’s personality and style. The table should help create a strong professional impression of your company that will last in your clients mind each time they return to it or leave it. Your meeting room should also make you feel comfortable at all times so that when you’re conducting business in the meeting room you feel like you have a good platform to perform confidently on in front of potential clients and customers, ensuring you and your business team show your best selves. We have an extensive range so if you're looking for just a small meeting room table or for larger, glass meeting room tables you'll find exactly what you need with Codex.  

It is important for meeting room tables to be well designed and for them to accommodate all of your potential needs. This is why Codex have focused a lot of our attention on providing the right interiors and styles for all our customer’s needs. We have a team of highly experienced and highly qualified office interior designers that will help provide you with meeting room furniture that will best suit your company’s personality.


Conference Room TablesThe Conference Table

The focal point of conference rooms are the meeting room tables, with their purpose being to help facilitate smooth conferences and meetings. The conference table is generally very long and narrow but this is not always the case. When choosing the conference table that you think is right for your business you should always consider the amount of people you wish to fit around it. It is often better to think of a larger number than you think as may never know exactly how many people you have to cater for in these situations. Conference tables don't necessarily need to be rectangular and narrow you could also opt for a round meeting table this can make conversations easier 

We recognise the importance of the conference table at Codex Interiors and provide a superb collection of conference tables, meeting room tables, boardroom tables to go alongside the rest of our office furniture range. We have a wide range of styles to choose from, from modern glass topped tables to the more traditional wood finished tables. If you have any doubt about the table that’s right for your boardroom a codex representative will always be on hand to consult you in what the best option is for your meeting room and wider office furniture needs.

Budget & Features

Regardless of your budget we are confident that we can find the best meeting room table to suit your business without sacrificing quality or style. Although there are many designs to choose from to suit your work space, we are also aware that there are a number of other factors that influence your decision. That’s why we have experienced professional advice on hand to ensure you get the products that are the perfect fit for your office and have all the additional features (electrical ports, data ports etc.) you require. Remember a conference table can be the real deal breaker in showing what your business stands for and so it is essential that you get this major part of your meeting room right.