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Codex have a wealth of experience in print services and provide high quality printing for an extensive range of flyers and brochures. We provide a full end to end solution for your flyers, working with you to ensure clear call to actions and higher conversions for your business.

Choosing Codex For Your Flyer Printer Services:


Unlimited Colours, Dozens of Customisable Elements


Full Colour Leaflets & Flyers


Standard, Premium, Gloss & Recycled Paper


Fast Print Runs


Competitive Pricing


Wide Range Of Sizes & Finishes


Complete Flyer Design & Print Solution


Fast & Efficient Flyer Print & Design Service

No job is too big or small for Codex with over 30 years experience in print solutions we offer we one the and fastest services around:


Business Flyers

A flyer for your business provides detailed information about what you do and some contact information letting your customers and/or potential customers know exactly what it is that you do and what may be on offer at that time. There are many formats you can take with a business flyer offer many different things.


These are flyers that are placed inside magazines, newspapers or information packs. It is a great way to get your flyer to a large amount of people with very minimal effort. It is always good to place these kind of flyers inside a publication that has similarities to what it is your offering.


This can either be done through a direct mail campaign where you have more control over the niche or demographic your product or service is aimed at. Another way this can be done is by doing a letterbox drop in certain areas hitting a large amount of potential customers in your desired area.




This is good as it can create audience participation. It is a good way to make people feel included in a certain event that you are running stating that there is free entry or entry only when presenting the flyer.

Catalogues or Price Sheets

This is effective in many ways a price sheet always gives customers a good indication of the services you can offer and sometimes it might even describe the level of service you can offer. This is also effective to show what current special offers are.

Gift Certificates or Coupons

These can show what your current offers are or alternatively it will display a message and discount code that people can only use when presenting the flyer. This can be a very useful tactic as everyone loves a discount.




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Design & Print Your Flyers With Codex

In a market dominated by Multinational competition, the differentiation of our services and products is our highest priority. In the current economic environment, Codex Ltd is very aware of the importance of cost savings in all areas of business, and more importantly the maintenance of budgets and costs. Our highly experienced and dedicated staff will look after every detail of your project from ensuring the most competitive pricing, the best designs and delivering your print solution on time-every-time. So if you’re looking to print a large amount of flyers for a large campaign Codex is the company you are looking for to fulfil all of your needs offering a fast and friendly service.


Bring Your Message To Life

Print Management - Flyers

Contact Codex print management solutions to help bring your message to life. We will help you to select your paper and finish to create print materials that reflect your business. We will ensure that each promotion that you run will be the perfect fit for the job, without breaking the bank.

Flyer are considered to be one of the best forms of conveying your message compared to other print methods, as you can control who receives your flyer and in what way. Whether you’re posting it door to door through a letter box strategically picking the area you wish to advertise at any one time.

You can hand out flyers to every customer that enters your business upon a purchase or even if their just browsing they can be handed out at the door as they exit, or alternatively you can hand them out on the street to passers-by who may be potential clients o0r alternatively you can focus on large events that some of your potential clients may be attending such as sports events, concerts or even trade shows.

The Main Benefits of Using Flyers

printed flyer serviceThere is many advantages to using flyers as a method of advertising but the main element t that must be focused on is that your message is displayed so that it’s easy to understand and it’s straight to the point so that your potential customer can see exactly what you are offering with just a quick glance. Another advantage of getting flyers printed up is that it’s an inexpensive and easy to produce. When getting your flyer printed up it is important to consider a number of things such as should it be a full colour or single colour document, what will make your message standout more? And how can you display your message so that it will interact with the reader about what you are offering?

Codex has a team of highly skilled and specialised graphic designers that will guide you through the process helping you to create a document or flyer that will appeal to your target audience in the best possible way. The team of designers at Codex know exactly how to create a flyer that will both appeal to you and your target audience while also taking into account your desired budget, the method of distribution and all this will be carried out in a very quick and professional manner.

From your first contact with us through the delivery of your flyers we will supply you with numerous mock ups for you to see how the process is going. We are a customer driven company and only offer the best services around. Contact us today to avail of our specialised printing services!