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We know that your letters shouldn’t be forgotten once they’re in the post. Whether you plan to focus on a direct mail Dublin campaign, or want to reach a nationwide audience, our best people will develop the perfect strategy and make sure that it gets visible results. Contact our print solutions team to find out how we can tailor our skills to suit your needs.

Our Direct Mail Solutions


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Our Direct Mail Services

We work directly with you to create mailing campaigns that get your message noticed. You might have an existing brand or want us to help you build one from scratch. Either way we get the work done quickly and have the capacity to handle print orders as small as 100 copies, and as large as 100,000 or more.


Machine Enclosing

Along with the best technology on the market, our experienced staff ensure that your direct mailing campaign is processed professionally, accurately and with all the care and attention it deserves. We can enclose multiple inserts into envelopes of varying size, or, for that extra special touch, you can request to have each envelope enclosed by hand.

Envelope Addressing

Rather than using stickers for each envelope Codex Print Solutions has the ability to directly address each individual envelope allowing for a more personal yet professional feel. Our state of the art machinery means that no job is too big for us.

Envelope Supply

Direct mail marketing is an effective and time proven tool, but from the moment the envelope is received it only has 6 seconds to impress your potential customer. Make those seconds count. We supply envelopes that get your campaign noticed and, in keeping with our environmental policy, all of our materials are 100% recycled..


Database Management

Direct mail marketing’s most powerful quality is its ability to reach your desired target audience. At Codex we maintain and update your database to target the right market every time, that way your expertly crafted message doesn’t get lost in the crowd..


With over three decade’s experience in the direct mail Dublin print and design business, we don't just have the ability to fold enormous volumes of letters at industry leading speed, we also have the drive to improve our methods day by day, year by year.


When it comes to implementing your direct mail campaign, we are dedicated to giving you the best customer service possible. We became the best by listening to our customer’s needs, and stay that way by offering the highest standards available.




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What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing is a system of marketing that is directed at a particular demographic of people. This is unlike marketing that is open ended, such as a billboard or a television commercial, that must be designed to appeal to a general audience. Direct mail advertising is a very effective means of interaction in virtually any environment, however, it is imperative that you approach this opportunity with a high degree of precision. Determining your correct audience is crucial to its success. A comprehensive amount of research is needed to guarantee that your budget isn’t wasted and your message hits its mark.

direct mail dublin campaign

Direct mail marketing is a system of marketing that is directed at certain people. In direct advertising, the ad is directed to a particular person. This is unlike marketing that is open ended such as a billboard or a television commercial. Direct mail advertising is a very effective way of interaction in virtually any environment and for many companies. However, there are some things to be wary about when it concerns direct-mail advertising such as determining your correct audience and not wasting your budget by not carrying out the correct research for your campaign.

Did you know?

According to An Post, a massive 72% of people put time aside to read direct mail every single day. On top of this impressive number, many people don’t receive the same volume of post they once did. Over the past eight years bills such as broadband, TV and heating have begun to be sent directly to people’s inboxes. Even bank statements are distributed by email! With a smaller amount of mail to compete with in the letter box, your direct mail campaign now has every opportunity in the world to be read.

As the only medium that puts your message directly into people’s hands, we at Codex have the expertise to help you reach your target audience. From door-to-door direct mail Dublin campaigns to reaching nationwide audiences, we will ensure your message gets to your audience with the right design and at the right price.

Benefits of direct mail marketing

benefits of a direct mail campaign from dublin's leading direct mail companyMany large companies have an enormous budget for advertising which allows them to approach a much larger audience, however, this method might not be as effective as choosing a smaller audience and tackling the campaign with a higher degree of precision.With direct mail advertising is you can easily keep track of your success rate. If you send direct marketing materials to 100 people and 50 respond, you can see just how well your marketing has actually worked. This can help determine the strategy for future campaigns. By refining your targets you can discover more about who your audience is, save money and reduce waste.

The doors direct mail can open are very exciting, but there’s a few things you should be aware of to safeguard your company when it comes to launching a campaign. For example, lots of people hate to get junk mail. There are laws and policies managing advertising methods that employ the use of spam or spam-like advertising and staying away from such avenues is essential to your success.

So, when you decide to launch your direct mail campaign, make sure that you invest your money wisely and use a team that know how to be effective. There are many variables that need to be researched and accounted for, but when handled correctly, you’ll find it’s one of the most beneficial methods to get your message noticed.

There are many options available to you when it comes to direct mail marketing. The Dublin direct mail team at Codex can help you choose the right campaign for you, so contact us today to discuss your needs, wants and budget.