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A brochure is a document that is used to introduce a companies products or services - they are usually distributed to potential customers or clients to give them information about your companies services that they may wish to use. Our team of designers will advise you on what best suits the product or service you are offering throughout the design & print process.

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With over 30 years experience Codex Print Solutions has been a market leader in providing the best print and design solutions to our customers. We offer a wide range of brochure sizes and finishes to give your brochure the right look and feel to professionally represent your company.



There are many different kinds of brochures and uses for brochures. When designing a brochure for your business you must keep it simple and professional but not looking cheap. The purpose of the brochure is to give information on the product or services that it is you offer while engaging the customer at the same time.

Bi-fold Brochure Letter or A4 size

The most common types of single sheet brochures are bi-fold, meaning they are folded in half and printed on both sides meaning it’s a four page brochure and tri-fold brochure, this means it folded into 3 parts. The tri-fold brochure has six separate printable pages as there is 3 panels on each side.

A4 Size Brochures

This is a standard A4 sheet printed on heavy normally glossy paper. A4 brochures are popular because they are easy to post as they fit easily in envelopes by being folded. These brochures are commonly printed on both sides and resemble a flyer except for the fact they are on heavier paper.



Bi-fold Brochure A3 size

This is a four page brochure that when folded in the centre contains four A4 pages. This is ideal when creating a brochure that will contain more information or if you want to have a spacey brochure with much larger and clearer images.

Tri-fold Brochure A3 size

As with the bi-fold A3 brochure this is perfect as it is larger and can contain more information and much larger images. There is a number of way this can be tri-folded but the most common is the accordion fold. This is also useful if you are supply a map on the brochure.

Brochure With Flap and Inserts

These brochures are very similar to presentation folders. Usually printed on a heavier paper or card. These are great when used as an information pack or when there is many different individual elements to the brochure that need to be held together.




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Brochure Printing Choices

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With many print advertising campaigns brochures would tend to be the most used medium for business promotion and can be very effective for many campaigns. Over the past thirty five years, Codex Ltd has grown from a small local supplier, to the largest independently owned office and print solutions business in the country.

Due to the fact that Codex has grown into such a large company means that no campaign is too big our too small for us, allowing us to distribute print materials such as brochures quickly from initial design mock ups to the print stage, allowing for a quick and hassle free process.


Benefits of Brochure’s

BrochuresWhy should companies use this type of medium to promote their company, product or indeed launch a particular campaign? Brochures are actually seen as an effective tool to suit a company’s needs whatever those needs may be. If used correctly a good brochure can create a strong brand identity that is directly presented to potential customers and clients allowing them to see the product or service you offer. With a well-designed brochure it will give a good indication of the level of professionalism that your business will offer the potential customers you wish to bring in through a particular campaign.

Brochures are one of the most used print mediums to promote business. It is this medium that is used to promote effectively what the company is trying to convey whether it’s a brochure of the services you offer to customers or special offers that can be availed of in that particular season or month. A brochure is seen as a very different medium as a flyer as it may contain more important general information and can contain many pages as it gives a greater description of the product or service you are offering. Whereas a flyer may be just aimed at one particular product, service or special that is on offer for a short period and is usually just two pages at most that being front and back printed on the one sheet. Many companies may produce two or three brochure per year as they may change their products and services as the seasons change.

When getting a brochure for your business there is a number of things to consider. The first thing that should be thought out is your targeted adverting plan. It should be thought out who this is aimed at and how will you get it to this target market. Understand your audience and what they are looking for. The second and probably the most important aspect of producing a brochure is to design one that will reflect your company in the best light with appealing images that are high quality and eye catching using colours that reflect your company in the most appealing manner. Codex will be on hand to help with this and will consult on the right colours and design. Helping to produce an elegant brochure that will stand out and look and the part. The last important element to getting an effective brochure is picking the right size and layout. Codex will be on hand to consult on this process too giving you the best options to help you best promote your product or service.


Codex offers printing services for all size companies and we can guarantee and quick and effective process so that our client does not have to worry whether the brochure will delivered on time or not. Contact us today to avail of our brochure printing services and see what we can offer you.