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Annual Reports

Annual Reports


An annual report is a statutory requirement for public companies to supply to their stakeholders, it is also a good indication of that years finances and sets out projections for the coming year based on that years findings. Here at Codex Print Solutions we understand the importance of annual reports and therefore we consult with our clients throughout the print, design and layout process of their annual reports so as to deliver a product of a highly professional standard.

Annual Reports


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Annual Reports

The purpose of an annual report is to is that it will explain who you are and what you do as well as and most importantly going through the financials and showing how sound your company is financially and where it is you plan on going over the next 12 months.

Purpose of an Annual Report

An annual report is used to show your stakeholders both where you are financially and where you project the company to go over the next 12 months. It is used as a tool to give your stakeholders confidence that their investment is going well financially and it has space in the market place. 

Traditional annual report 

This usually contains sections such as a shareholders letter, an overview of the operation in the company and a condensed version of the company financials making it easier to follow. This is a very beneficial way to do an annual report as it is very condensed and easier to follow for the recipients.  


10-K wrap annual report 

This is the same format as the Traditional Annual Report although the financial section is much larger using the 10-K format to display financial reports – This means that the financial section is much larger and can be more difficult to follow and it’s a much larger document meaning that its more expensive to print.

Summary annual report

This as other previous reports has a shareholders letter and a brief over of the operations. The financial section only contains brief guidelines and references but the full report can be obtained if needed upon request by the recipient. This is a much cheaper format to print in as it’s a much more condensed version than other formats. 


It takes time to produce annual reports as there is much research that has to be carried out and in this time all relevant data has to be collected and summarised so that it will make sense to the stakeholders. The Codex Design team will guide you in the lay out of your annual reports so that you are presenting a fluid document to the investors.




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Annual Reports

Annual Reports

A public corporation is a business whose securities are traded on the stock exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ or Dow Jones. A private company is very different as it is held only by its owners and is not traded publicly. When the shareholders of a private company receive the periodical financial reports, they are entitled to assume that the company's monetary statements and footnotes are prepared in accordance with law following all the relevant procedures. Otherwise the president or Chief Executive Officer of the business must clearly caution the shareholders that these procedures have actually not been followed in several respects. The material in a private company’s annual report is usually much less. It includes the three main financial statements - the balance sheet, earnings statement and statement of cash flows. There's generally no letter from the president, no photos, no charts meaning that this report would be a lot more basic in appearance.


On the other hand, the annual report of a publicly traded business has more bells and whistles to it. There are also more requirements for reporting. These include the management discussion and evaluation (MD&A) section that provides the top supervisors' analysis and evaluation of the business's profit performance and other essential financial developments throughout the years. Making a public companies annual report be a much larger document that will be distributed between much larger groups of people.


Another area required for public business is the revenues per share (EPS) or dividends. This is the only ratio that a public company is required to report, although most public companies report a couple of others as well. A three-year comparative income statement is likewise required.


Numerous publicly owned businesses make their needed filings with relevant bodies so that it can be seen that they operate above board, but they present really various yearly monetary reports to their stockholders. A great deal of public companies consist of only condensed financial info instead of detailed financial statements. Some annual reports are printed as just a yearly financial summary and if the full reports are required they can be requested. Codex Print Solutions offers you the solution and guidance to get the annual reports that you need for your company.

Essential Elements of an Annual Report

An annual report is a statutory requirement for your stakeholders but there is many other interested parties that have an interest in the annual report such as staff member and company directors as it can tell them a lot about how the business is going. This should be seen as a great opportunity to take your shareholders through the company’s accomplishments for that years,

You may wonder however what can this report contains that makes it so appealing to the public. Here we’ll take you through the basic elements of the annual report.


Annual ReportsAccomplishments

When discussing your company accomplishments it may consist of answering questions such as following:

Exactly what were the results of your work in the previous year?

What differences you could make to the surrounding area?

Why had you invested your resources (time and money) in the way you did and what came from it?

Link your day-to-day activities with your company's mission after all your mission is what you stand for. Your annual report should thus sum up of your achievements, showing that you have stuck to the company mission. The report ought to clearly illustrate the purpose behind the work you do on an everyday basis, and the distinction your business is making by following the business objective.



Financial statements can be easily misunderstood and lead to an awful lot of confusion. For that reason, unless you have a strong feeling about your business benefitting out of printing your complete monetary report, you can ignore it and just formulate a summary report. Printing complete financials can take up a great deal of your space, hence can make the annual reports an expensive affair to design, print and mail.

Instead of making every page of your report count, you can use a graphical interface to simply provide a very short and crisp description, of how you raised and invested the money. Full financials can be after that provided upon demand. And it is common place for companies to summarise these areas of the report and if requested the full financial statement can be supplied to whoever wishes to receive it.


You’re Company Story

You might decide to involve other members of staff in this part by adding profiles, photos, testimonials and humorous stories about what has happened throughout the year. This is an ideal way to give recognition to people within in the company that may not normally receive recognition for the work they do and an opportunity to out a face to the company with the many shareholders you have. This is slightly different to the rest of the report and you may decide to write it in a different way to separate it from the serious tone taking throughout the rest of the report.



This can be used as an opportunity to show how grateful you are of the various shareholders and express you and the rest of the company’s gratitude towards the shareholders for their support. This can also be a good opportunity to put a face to some of the investors who many people will not know who they are.



This might include informing your report readers of methods how they can support and add to your organisation in future. This needs to be in the concluding part of the report.

Producing an annual report can seem like an exhaustive task initially. In addition to the necessary points specified above, if you examine the annual reports of listed business for the past 2-3 years, you will realise what other trends and methods are included in the writing of an effective and extremely impressive report.